Friday, 3 July 2015

Semua Perkara Boleh Jadi Mudah Dengan Izin Allah

It has been quite sometimes...

Until I already forget the smell of dry blood spread on the bed sheet, the foul-smell of diabetic foot, the urge of resuscitation, the difficulties of blood taking.

There was 1 elderly Chinese man. I still remember this one. Very difficult vein access, thin skin, fragile blood vessels.

We always skip him during our normal blood taking time, will had another extra, special time for him.

Everybody failed. The uncle become angry and reluctant. So do his family members. You can understand it or if not, try to poke yourself multiple times and tell me if you can smile still.

We need his blood. Oh my...I have to do this. I have to try. I have to take his blood. Anxious, with a care taker beside him, I slowly approached him. With all.preparation to be scolded.


I greet him, hold his hand, tied the tornique. Then I started my sermont.


"Ok Uncle, I am here to help you. We really need your blood to help to treat you. Now, I will pray to Allah and I want you to.pray to your God. And all of you also." I look at his daughters and wife.

Everybody close their eyes. Me too. I prayed with all my heart, Allah, please make this easy for me. Pity this uncle, pity me also.

I attempted.

Subhanallah. One attempt and I manage to get 20cc blood. In just 1 attempt! It is not is HIM, always there for us.

And beautiful thing come out from that uncle mouth.

Thank you doctor. I will pray a lot next time. We will. God will always help us if we ask. I forget. I was in pain, I scold everyone and I am so sorry.



Thank you Allah

There. It is not you. Always ask HIM for help and guidance. You are nothing without HIM


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