Friday, 14 August 2015

I Am A SuperMom!!! Yes We Are!

I am a working Mom and I feel like a SuperMom.

Waking up early every morning, have a compulsary meeting with my 'business partner', wake up everybody in the house, pray dan recite a few verse of Quran at least, prepare my 3 little children, their attire, their breakfast then send them to 3 different places, every morning.

At 8 o'clock, no more house chores, my doctor's brain activated, seeing others children, youngsters, elderly, talk, talk, talk and talk with non stop puzzle solving.

It's nearly 5pm. My mom's and wify brain reactivated. What to cook? What to eat? What to buy? Cooking, cleaning house, moping, dish and clothes washing, teaching them Al Quran, homeworks, blogging, promoting Shaklee and gold.

And its 11 o'clock at night. Time to go to sleep. Try to at least read Al Mulk, and sometimes force myself for solat Taubat.


My lilfe start again, thank you for another day.,Allah.

No matter whether you are working at home, outside, inside, be proud of yourself, Mom.

You are a forever idol of your children, your cook will be always the best in the world for them, there are always cute creatures will be by yourside regardless how angry you are, there always a story to share with us.

So, be patient. The 24H given by Allah is suit for everybody. When someone ask me, isnt it tiring life after marriage? I told her, its a worth tiredness. Your life are actually more colourful, more opportunities to be nearer to Allah.


*this status is just to share my feeling. Never a little thought to condemn anybody who are not married, or not yet married. Your time will come. HE always knows the best. Regardless of who we are, it is always our amal.and iman counts.


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