Tuesday, 18 August 2015

When You Become A Doctor, Be A Kind and Humble One

I was an Aneast MO.

Prioritize my family, I decided to be an Outpatient MO. No oncall, no sleep at hospital, no ambulance call, no PH working day, free weekend.

I remember when I first decided to go to Outpatient, one of my Surgical MO friend that time told me, "Why OPD? Working in OPD takde maruah, everything has to call us. You will waste your skill. I always scold them when they call me."

Look at her that time, I dont even know how she define maruah actually, I really cant get what rubbish she was talking about, as I am pretty sure of myself, I was only an Anaest MO, yes I can intubate patient, give spinal anasthesia to patient, great (konon) about ICU management but I will surely fail and feeling uncertainty to manage a single case of Diabetes Mellitus. The first line?2nd line? With nephropathy? With neuropathy? With heart problem? The best antihypertensive for special group of patient? Asked me that time, I will surely cant answer it, at least just a superficial knowledge of it I can answer a little bit la. So do this Surgical MO. Nothing much different.

Time passed...

I am now an Outpatient Medical Officer. So fast, it has been 4 years since the conversation, and can you believe me or not, the SURGICAL MO is now working at KLINIK KESIHATAN and cry almost everyday because been scolded by Hospital's MO and the best thing is most of them are far more junior then her. As for me here, Alhamdulillah.

What you give, you will definitely get it back. Believe me. You are never a greater person just because you are this and that in this world position. If you great in cutting patient, you wont be that great in managing diabetic ketoacidosis. It is not because you are stupid, just that you are not practising it and you will tend to forget.

Be humble please.

To all doctors, you will surely will never get respect from others before you learn how to respect people.

When you become a doctor, be a kind one, a humble one. Its all count.

Dr Nurul

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