Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Saya suka makan keju..tolong saya Mr Omega



Lemak...masin...pendek kata..bestla keju ni..

Tapi yaks!! I tak panggil keju k. I panggil cheese.

I love cheese. I love anything with cheese. Cheese cake, macaroni cheese, cheesy meatball, chocolate cheese cake, cheezels, lasagna....anything!

Cheese comes from milk. I've watched in television how to make cheese but don't bother, I can just buy it, anywhere.

Is it Halal? U can just see the label there. No cheese in Malaysia has Jakim's certified Halal logo but Halal certified from the country it was originated. And be careful. You have to double check with Jakim website, which oversea logo are certified by our government. If not, better don't take it.

Is cheese food a healthy food to take? Look back at your food pyramid. If I am not mistaken, cheese situated at level 2. You can take cheese, but in a small portion. Although cheese supplies you with calcium but cheese will increase your cholesterol level.

Last time, had 1 period when I took cheesy food nearly everyday for 2 weeks. My body started to feel weak, lazy. And I checked my cholestrol level. Owh God! It raised!

Then I started to slow down. No cheese for everyday, only once a month. Never mind, it is for my health. Nothing worth than this.

In addition, I took Omega Guard Shaklee. It helps me a lot to reduce my cholesterol level. Not only that, thinning my tummy, maintain my body weight. Not only that, Omega Guard improve my focus. Very good.

Thank you to Cheese. My love to you, I meet Omega Guard. Now Mr Omega has become one of my best friend. When ever I took over fatty meals, I took Omega. Good is it? :) Don't have to be worry anymore.

But still...nothing can change my love to Cheese..

I love cheese..!!!


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