Tuesday, 27 May 2014

I am a Muslim

I am a Muslim

Who believes there is no god but Allah

Who believes that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w is the messanger of Allah

I pray 5 times a day at least. It is Subuh, Zohor, Asar, Maghrib and Isyak. Like a doctor doing locum for extra money, I do wake up at 1/3 of the night for Tahajud, I pray Dhuha to increase my income to Jannah.

I wear hijjab, that's what Islam teach us. I love wearing hijab. I feel secured, I feel dignity, I feel humble to Allah. Am I feeling hot? I am not. I am used to it. I am obeying Allah's command because I believe in Allah. I believes in every good outcomes just because you are a good follower. I believe that with Islam, you will be just right at your place, your status, your wealthy.

I am a Muslim

I want to be a good one. I want to work for Islam. I want to sacrifice for Islam.

I am a Muslim

What a waste...

If I just sit and see..
And not doing what I need to do
Never explain Islam to non

I am a Muslim

But it is not enough. Always try to become a better one. Who representative the beauty of Islam. Who makes people turn back to Allah

I am a Muslim and forever I will be. Ooo Allah...please guide me along this hard path...


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