Sunday, 10 August 2014

You call it IslamicMontessori


7 years in Seri Manjung, I never thought that I will at last send my children to a Montessori. A suburban area, Manjung is quite slow in term of education development compared to Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur. I was once nearly open a montessory here, but its Allah will, I've no budget that time.

Now, we have Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori here. A very first year of the first montessory in Seri Manjung, and it is Islamic Montessory. Regardless of the fees (a lot more expensive then normal kindergarten here) I know, BB will provide the best for my Husna. The Islamic version of Montessori. Alhamdulillah.

I personally don't agree with the idea of normal kindergarten. A lot of homework to bring back home. A lot of books and it is quite burdening to the kids sometimes. My eldest, Faris Farhan had experienced that. Pity him. However, still my special thanks to his kindergarten school that he manage to hafaz many surahs and manage to read Al Quran once he entering standard 1. Alhamdulillah.

In Montessori, you don't have homework. Teachers guide you to experienced your life, yourself. How to wear clothes, how to pour water into the glass, how to connect with others, how to react in different situation, how to develop you own capabilities. Islamic Montessori, the kids were taught dua for each actions, respect others, how to become Imam in solah, why you should perform solah, started to memorize few surah as early as 6 months.

Islamic Montessori, where I hope Husna will develop her very own strong base. This age is crucial as its determined who you will be next. It is the time for parents to pour a colourful paint on them. It is the time when their brain absorb everything easily as a span. Whether it is good or bad, they will just follow us. It started at home. And it is a bonus when you can send your little one to Islamic Montessori, it helps you  a lot. Rather singing unnecessary song, they sing Islamic songs, remind us to Allah and Rasulullah.

It is still a long journey to my Husna. I pray to Allah that she will be a good Muslim, will be an example for other Muslim and will hold Al Quran tightly in her heart.


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