Saturday, 14 June 2014

With Allah, anything is possible


I read statuses from Facebook today and this word captured me. 'With Allah, anything is possible'. It is very true indeed. For how many times, HE open the way for me. When I was in sorrow, in counfusing state, felt lost, HE never let me alone.

I always hold this believe. A mutual believe of HIS will. A real understanding of how small ourselves in HIS view. How much that we really need HIM in every single thing we do in this world, HIS world.

With Allah, anything is possible. I once had a very hard situation. I have to choose between 2 most important things in my life and yet, I want both. There was no chances for me to have both. Not that I can think of. No way. And it hurt me. I prayed a lot. Istikharah, Hajat prayer, always asked..."Ooo Allah..please guide me to the correct path...please open me the way. I am lost. I am totally lost". I cried and cried in front of HIM. With 100% confident that  HE will never let me alone. And...a miracle happen. The path looks so smooth, my mind was so clear, easily, calmly....I get both. I manage to get both! With nothing that I can think of, HE gave me the solution. Again, I cried of thankfullness. Sujud syukur.

With Allah, anything is possible.

I am now a SHAKLEE INDEPENDANT DISTRIBUTOR. It is my dream to be a WAHM, taking care of my family at home, at the same time boosting our family income. I want to become a Master Coordinator within 2 years in my involvement in Shaklee. I want to repair my parents house. I want have my very owned Homeschool. I want to help others. I want to do goods. I want to be a muslimah millionaire, spending most of my money for Islam.

And I know, nothing is impossible as Allah is always with me. Anything can happen by HIS will. Kun fayakun!

Oo Allah...never let me alone...Guide me to be a good Muslim, Guide me to right path, my family and all muslim.

Thank you Allah. You always surprise me with miracle! Alhamdulillah

"Allah is what HIS servant expectation"....

With Allah, anything is possible.


Soon...very soon..InsyaAllah

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